ETI-Research products emerge consistently from competitor and class comparisons with a reputation for the best music reproduction. Creation and development of each product takes in years of science and engineering. From the traditional to the eccentric, no concept or idea escapes our design and evaluation processes.Every detail in a system makes a difference. Passionately believing this and knowing that our customers enjoy the benefits of high performance audio motivates us to maintain our standards and continue pushing beyond the boundaries. In 2001 the premiere product, the BulletPlug®, was introduced to rave reviews around the world. Hi-Fi Plus magazine from the UK reported: “The benefits are huge, HUGE! They transform the performance of affordable cables, and I can’t wait to hear them on serious leads.” In the same year, a range of cables was introduced under the eXpress label. They were the first to incorporate the famous ETI ratio, in which the return conductor has a carefully calculated greater cross-sectional area and mass than the signal.


The ETI-Research R&D process is a fine balance between engineering premium audio connectors and cables and hours of testing and listening. Acknowledging EMF, EMI and RFI can only be controlled, not nullified, is the first step to uninhibited high-end audio. Most cable designers stumble here and in doing so narrow their products’ frequency bandwidths to the detriment of the overall sound.

Our premium cable designs draw on years of research and experience, which can be seen through our expertise in creating nothing but the best audio cables in the industry. ETI-Research reference cables can be trusted to deliver the true character of your system. The ETI-Research definition of success? A pure, unadulterated audio signal transmitting cleanly through premium audio connectors and cables.



Move an electron from Point A to Point B without varying it. Keep the electron intact through its entire transition from one component to the next. This is the simple design goal of ETI-Research’s high-performance premium audio connectors and cables.

Our most famous contribution to high-performance audio design is the purposeful and calculated difference between the return and signal-carrying conductors, with benefits to signal flow – this is the essence of the ETI Ratio™. Expert knowledge and resources within ETI-Research and collaboration with respected industry leaders guarantees the superior high-end performance and quality of ETI products.