ETI Research BP50C Binding Post (pair)


The ETI Research BP-50C Binding Post is a very high-performance Binding Post at an entry-level price. Made from 1100 series Hardened Copper with an IAC Rating of 102% you can be assured the audio signal is not being degraded having to go through a poorly conductive material such as Brass.


Gold Plated 1100 Series Copper


Brass (Black Finish)


ETI Research has spent countless hours developing and fine-tuning the BP-50C to ensure audio quality does not suffer in any way as it passes through the connector. With exceptionally high quality-assurance standards at an affordable price and the availability to be ordered in bulk, the BP-50C is the perfect high-quality loudspeaker Binding Post as it has a length of 50mm.


The Post length is 20mm which is the preferred length for Speaker Back Plates.


The Housing is made with a Aluminum over a Polymer compound. The Polymer threads onto the Post as to not have any conductive material touching the Pure Copper. The Aluminum is great at rejecting EM/RF noise that is so prevalent now days.


The BP-20C has a Gold Plating applied without any nickel. Many manufacturers use a nickel surface applied before the Gold Plating as this makes the Gold have a shiny look. The unfortunate problem is that Nickel is a poor conductor and will degrade the Audio Signal!


Also your choice of securing the wire by either the screw or solder. The Nut used to secure the BP20C is made from a high-density nonconductive Polymer so that no conductive material is touching the Copper Post except for what is needed to transfer the Audio signal.