ETI Research FS-08 RCA chassis female - Pure Silver Connector (pair)


The FS-08 silver female RCA connector is ETI Research latest creation. Boasting a pure silver signal tip with pure silver solder blade and an earth/ return section being silver-plated copper. The reason the return section is silver-plated copper rather than pure silver is due to the soft, very ductile, malleable nature of silver. The solder blades have a slight curve to ease soldering. The FS-08 model is designed with the same principals as the FR-TC07, with ultra-low mass to avoid added capacitance and resistance which is very common in most female RCA chassis connectors. As a result ETI RCA chassis connectors offer a better transient response and a better soundstage. Not only is the type of material very important but the amount of mass is equally important. Both our chassis models have as much mass stripped away. An expensive manufacturing process incorporating a polymer connector house and polymer threading guarantees complete isolation from the chassis. Brass is very good at vibration damping and EMI/RF noise rejection. The nut on both ETI RCA socket designs is made from brass. This nut on the polymer thread offers easy mounting without touching any of the conducting sections.


- Overall length - 30mm
- Chassis cut out - 10mm
- Diameter - 15mm