ETI Research FRTC07 RCA chassis female - Tellurium Copper Connector (pair)


RCA FR-TC07 terminals offer increased conductivity but also integrate new additions. Competitors mostly use bases made of nickel, gilded brass or bronze / phosphorus alloys, with a limited conductivity often below 28% International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS), and thus diminishing the performance of the components to which they connect. On the contrary, ETI takes a different approach, promoting the use of high purity Tellurium copper (more than 95 % IACS) for its contact elements, to ensure optimum conductivity. To prevent oxidation the copper surface is closed using 24k. gold plating. Gold plating does not affect sound quality. So the ETI FR-TC07 sockets can boast of giving a real scope to your music, guaranteeing you an improved listening. The aim is a low self-inductance, the elimination of RFI reflections, unmatched frequency bandwidth, durability and easy installation.


  • Lengths / masses of signals and return plugs as thin as possible to ensure better durability.
  • Use of pure Tellurium copper to reduce inductive reactance, to achieve wider bandwidth.
  • Provides better response in high frequencies and therefore better sound.
  • Low-mass outer shell for transmitteran extremely fast ground signal.
  • Curved signal conductors to facilitate easy soldering.
  • Brass nut, providing excellent vibration damping and EMI / RFI noise rejection screws on polymer thread.
  • No use of nickel, brass, bronze to ensure maximum conductivity and better signal transfer.


- Type: RCA terminals
- Color code: Red Black
- Material: Tellurium Copper
- Max Thickness: 4.5 mm
- Drilling diameter: ⌀9.7 mm
- Length: 29 mm
- Max diameter: ⌀15 mm