ETI Research Copper Link XLR Male


The ETI Research Copper Link XLR Connector is purpose-designed to incorporate cutting edge, premium grade audio technology, with gold plating directly on Tellurium Copper signal pins.


Gold plated Tellurium Copper signal pins


Black Anodized Aluminium


The Copper Link XLR Connector’s conductors are all made from Tellurium Copper, which maintains the connection strength needed to last for years and years without breakage or degradation of audio quality.


The housing of the unit is made from aluminium. The shift in industry adoption of contributors to EMI necessitated the use of aluminium because it has very good EMI/RF noise rejection so as to keep your signal as clean as it possibly can be.


The Copper Link XLR Connector has twin strain relief screws to keep your cable and the connection away from all the plugging and pulling stress many of these connectors are exposed to.


Like all ETI Research connectors, we plate the Gold directly to the copper with no Nickle.